About Us

Bharat Engineering Works is a registered engineering unit established in the state of Assam (India) in 1956. It belongs to a business group having a history of more than 100 years, which has within its activity tea plantation,tea trading and tea export to various countries. The group has over 2500 acres of owned tea gardens and tea manufacturing units in Assam, producing quality teas.

Bharat Engineering Works was principally established to cater to the needs of the tea industry, and since its inception the unit has manufactured and marketed various types of tea machinery. The modern sorting system is a long felt need in the tea industry, hence, in the last 20 years BEW has mainly concentrated on economically effective, simply operative tea sorting machines. At BEW wemanufacture sorting machine for both CTC as well as orthodox tea, and also undertake projects for complete sorting system including designing and installing conveyors for sorting room.

Apart from the activities related to the tea industry BEW has in past also catered to the needs of Hindustan Fertilizer Corporation, Assam Oil Company, and Oil India Limited.

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