Green tea processing machinery

Unlike black tea, green tea does not undergo fermentation. Rather it is rolled and shaped accordingly to maintain its green color, the particular shape, and distinct flavor. The basic steps of processing green tea machinery Flow Chart are:



Deactivation of enzymes (by steaming, pan-firing or dipping in boiling water)

First drying

Rolling and shaping

Second rolling and drying

Final Drying


Final firing




All these processes are done by machine. No manual handling takes place after harvest.

green tea processing-machinery

green tea processing-machinery

Green tea processing machinery segments


It is perfectly suited for continuous uniform steaming. It has stainless steel construction with Heli-bevel reducer and Variable speeds

  • BABY BOILER-It keeps the environment hygienic within the tea processing units of Green Tea.

Roasting is done mainly by instruments like

  • GREEN TEA ROASTER– The green tea roaster machine is designed in a way that steam enters through both ends of the perforated shaft. The roaster generally rotates at a speed of 24 rpm. Steaming continues for 6 to 7 minutes. The leaves are boiled within this time. Roasting time depends on the tenderness of the leaves.
  • ROASTEA PANNER – It is Wood/Coal fired, and made completely of stainless steel which operates in continuous mode.

Rolling is done by instruments like

  • ROLLOMAX– it has Electro-pneumatic controls, the automatic functioning of pressure cap and door closing mechanism, improved operational convenience, better twist to tea leaves due to a unique table and crank mechanism and compact Heli-bevel reducer.

After rolling the leaves they are cooled to ambient temperature mainly by machines like:

  • OSCO-Oscillating swing conveyor is suitable for conveying and spreading all kind of grainy, flakey and powder materials. The OSCO helps to spread the feed material uniformly over wider machines without handling.

Precise control of sweep and frequency of oscillation possible in this machine.

Uniform spread ensures better air distribution in the wider machine and better cooling.


The next and one of the most important steps is drying. Drying is important as it removes the excess moisture and helps in increasing shelf-life.

The machines used here are:

  • QUESTEA – is specially designed steel chain with rolling contact for high load carrying capacity. Its aerodynamic over-ground plenum chamber ensures uniform distribution of low-velocity air to all sections of drier without any turbulence.
  • ECP Dryer (Endless Chain Pressure Dryer) – is a three-circuit ECP Dryer with high moisture evaporation capacity, trouble-free operation, and low maintenance cost.


The last step before packaging is sorting. This is done by machines like:

  • ARNOT SORTER -The machine with its galloping motion ensures smooth sorting without greying the tea grains.
  • STALKEX stalk extractor – It is used to separate the whole leaf and broken grades.
  • WINTEA – is a simple machine using the principle of density and weight.


Thus it is seen that from the basic roasting to sorting, there is a complete set of machines available for green tea processing.

Green tea processing flow chart

green tea processing flow chart