Modern Methods of Tea Sorting


Every tea company follows its own method of sorting depending on the company’s own quality standards and the market the company caters. Broadly, for orthodox teas, after removal of stalks and fibre, it is fed to a Myddleton machine at the first stage.

The spillover is next passed through a rotary hexagonal sifter or ghugi. Next, it is forwarded to the Arnott and Macintosh sorters for final sorting. BOP, BOPF and OP grades are produced from the first and second fine teas.BP, PF and souchong grades are produced from the coarse leaf that is broken first.

For CTC manufacture, an electrostatic stalk extraction unit is used first based wholly on the size of the leaf particles. For CTC and leggcut manufacture, Britannia Tea Sorter is used instead of the ghugi and then the Macintosh sorter and the wind tunnel is used. In wind tunnels and waterfalls, fiber and dust grades are separated according to the specific gravity of the particle.



Tea grain from an elevator, conveyor, storage hopper or silo are fed to Automatic grain weighers for a reliable, accurate and automatic method of weighing


This jumbo fibre extractor machine Tea & stalk is differentiated on the basis of moisture difference by means of static electricity The production of an electrostatic medium by mechanical means makes the extraction of fibre from the tea to enhance the electrostatic effect by heating.


The density variations of particles are checked by the Benton Density Sorter.

This machine separates sand from dust tea, fibre and flaky leaf from other grades, and large foreign matters from dust tea.


This mild steel construction is a self-balancing machine that has a modular arrangement. It work on eccentric gyratory motion. This consists of up to 7 decks. Stainless steel mesh can be used as per the user’s specification.

It helps to upkeeps the appearance and the bloom of the Tea because of the minimum handling, with almost no sound – just Humming.


It is a vertical vibrating machine suitable for both CTC and Orthodox.

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