Orthodox Tea Rolling Machine

Orthodox tea roller is an integration of the table, the hood and the pressure cap which is fixed with each other and the. Rotation of this rolling machine is achieved by three crankshafts attached to the table. The power is supply to the crankshafts and at a time it start rolling and other two rotate freely on their bearings and start playing  an auxiliary role.

The pressure cap start applies pressure on leaf mass during the rolling, imparting the proper twisting and brushing action. By this pressure applied during orthodox rolling, the extraction of sap and imparts twist to the leaf.

There are two types of rolling table in orthodox roller in which pressure is applied vertical with the leap of pressure cap and in other cased a lateral pressure is applied by a cone fitted in the middle of the table.

Tea Rollers are fitted with heavy-duty bearings and robust body to take any amount of pressure. The most important advantage of this rolling machine is the standard components are used across the entire rolling machine, thus requiring just one set of spares.

As a oldest tea machinery supplier in India We offer two kinds of orthodox rolling machine depending upon size 36’’ and 48’’. The specification of this rolling machine is as follow.

orthodox tea rolling machine

orthodox rolling machine

  • 36” roller is faster than 48” roller.
  • Travel of Table of 36” roller are equal with 46” table.
  • Travel of hood are equal to each other.
  • 36” roller required less power than 46” roller.
  • 36” roller have approx half capacity to rolling green leaf than 46” roller.

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