Myddleton Grading Machine

mydleton grading machine


This machine is completely changed one from conventional Myddleton Sorter. Trays are steel fabricated instead of wooden body. It Gives as leek look to the machine and also better longevity.

Construction of Tea Myddleton Machine

Perforated dimpled trays are fitted in the two decks of the machine in M.S. framework. The frames rest on spring legs. A heavy M.S. fabricated stand supports the crank and work as motor stand also.


Two Aluminum Dimpled Trays with 3/16"(4.76mm) and 17/64"(6.75mm) perforation are supplied with the machine. If required, perforation of other sizes can also be supplied.

Features of Tea Myddleton Machine

  • The complete machine is mounted on channel iron chassis as a single unit, eliminating the need of foundation.
  • The crank is straight shaft with excentric block instead of forged shaft. Bearings are used in place of brass bushes.

Technical Data & Specifications

Length 3400mm
Width 1320 mm (with discharge chutes)
Height 1400 mm (feed end)
Power 2 HP/ 960 RPM Motor
Crank Excentricity - 19 mm
Throw - 38 mm
Speed - 205 RPM
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