Technical Advantages of Our Products

  • 1. We use raw materials from reputed source and the all our materials are compatible to Indian and British Standards.
  • 2. For Fiber Extractor machines all of the fiber collection rollers are of 12 inch diameter size.
  • 3.  Jigger width is sufficient considering the length of the rollers which is recurring cost saving to the user by minimizing the spillage of the tea.
  • 4. For Fiber Extractor machines and Sorting Machines, fiber collection channels, discharge chutes etc. are made of aluminum which is
        effective for prevention of the bloom-loss of the tea as well as quality.
  • 5. The drive assembly of our machine is located in such a location of the chassis by which it is maintenance friendly.
  • 6. We use heavy crank shaft in center which is easier to maintain.
  • 7. We provide chain guard.
  • 8. Our machine is designed with market-friendly spare parts that in case of replacement of any spares user will get those in market easily.
  • 9. We provide de-touchable type mesh trays for easy taking out for cleaning.
  • 10. Our machines are of up-dated user friendly designs and we use standard sections.
  • 11. We use quality Stainless Steel mesh.
  • 12. We provide foundation bolts at our cost.
  • 13. All of our machinesare inclusive of drive motors.
  • 14. All our machines give nosiless performence.
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