Trinic Sorter Machine

trinic shorter machine

Trinic Sorter Machine Manufacturer and Supplier India

We deal Trinic sorter machine at very affordable price. As an oldest tea machine manufacturer and supplier company in India, we never compromise with our quality that is why we are always in demand in this sector.

What is Trinic Sorter Machine?

This machine is popularly known as Trinick Sorter. The machine is very simple single deck Sorter as against other multi deck machines. The sorter can be used with or without fibre extracting attachment.

Features of Fibre Extractor

  • Single deck consisting 5 or 6S.S. Mesh of user choice sort the Tea. The Tea fed through hopper travels over the mesh to be sorted in different grades.
  • The P.V.C. Rollers fitted over the tray take care of fibre extraction.
  • The motion to tray comes through a single connecting rod to deck frame which is supported by spring leg. The excentrick and drive shaft are provided with heavy duty Bearings.
  • This machine is designed with light but sturdy and well aligned frame work with a strong chassis made of channel Iron. As a result it is very smooth and noiseless.
  • This machine has completely changed the Sorting aspect of CTC tea. The producer can use one or more machine and can completely conveyorized the C.T.C. Sorting process.

Technical Data & Specifications

HEIGHT 1415 mm(with Hopper) 580 mm
LENGTH 3670 mm
WIDTH TRAY - 1086mm CHASSIS-12000 mm
POWER 1 H.P., 1440R.P.M.
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